Sprites - Shines excluded

Matching Mareep from the year before it, Easter Togepi come in flavors: Milk, Dark, White, Mint, Strawberry, and Cyanide.


Everstone%: 1 in 50 (2%)

Usable for Bright/ShiningPowder Breeding?: Yes

Encounter Method (All sans Cyanide): Togepi could be found anywhere except water routes or while fishing, 1 in 500 (0.2%) chance. Each individual type has a 1 in 5 chance of appearing (for a combined 1/2500 or 0.04%).

Encounter Method (Cyanide): You need to have at least one Cyanide Mareep (or its evos) from last year's event in your party (you don't need to be OT). Having more than one will not improve encounter rates. If this requirement is fulfilled, Cyanide Togepi can be encountered along with other Togepi - 1 in 500 chance of rolling an event Togepi, with each Togepi having a 1 in 6 chance of appearing (for a combined 1/3000 or 0.033%). There is a thread for borrowing Cyanide 'mon here. Improved Encounter

Method (All sans Cyanide): You can boost your chances to find a specific type (e.g. find more Mint or find more White) by having Easter Mareep (or evos) of the type you want a greater chance of encountering in your party. Each Easter Mareep in your party boosts your chances for a matching type of Togepi, and a full party of the same kind of Easter Mareep means only the matching Togepi will appear. For instance, if you have a party of 6 White Chocolate Mareep, then you're guaranteed to only encounter White Chocolate Togepi (still at a 1 in 500 chance). You can boost your chances for different types by having multiple types of Mareep in your party (e.g. 3 Mint and 2 Dark will boost your chances for Mint and Dark both). You must use Mareep, Flaaffy or Ampharos - the Togepi line itself will not work. This method cannot be used for Cyanide Togepi - there is no way to boost encounter rates for it. This method cannot be used if there is a Cyanide Mareep in the party (having one will make it possible to encounter Cyanide Togepi and nullify the effect of other Mareep).

Evolution Method (All): They all evolve like normal Togepi: max happiness for Togetic, Shiny Stone for Togekiss.

Shiny% (map): 1 in 5 (20%).

Shiny% (breeding): Normal chance.


  • Togepi's base catch rate is 63.3%. Using an Ultra Ball means a guaranteed catch even without Lyrit, so there isn't much cause for worry.
  • Finding female Togepi is a challenge, since Togepi's gender ratio is 87.5% male, 12.5% female.
  • Breeding these Togepi is very expensive due to Togepi's base fee being 3k. I recommend catching what you can.
  • Catching a Togepi at White Forest if you haven't yet caught one in the wild may lock you out of catching a wild one later. It's best to not take your chances and not catch these Togepi at White Forest. If you've already caught your wild Togepi, you can hunt there no problem.

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